Our Story


Jewelry With A Heart


All passions begin with a dream, drive and the determination to succeed. Founded in 2015 by owner & designer, Carly Jane Carrasco, Love’s Affect offers an ever-changing collection of handmade jewelry inspired by the world around us. Our pieces are designed and handcrafted entirely in the United States by strong, hardworking women in the beautiful state of Virginia.

“Jewelry design has been a passion of mine ever since I was a little girl. My sister and I would spend our summer days designing and constructing custom pieces for family, friends and neighbors. Every weekend my dad would take us to our favorite bead store in Laguna Beach, CA, where we would spend hours handpicking all our favorite materials. Nothing made me more excited than going home after a trip to the bead store; I would spend all night constructing as many new pieces as I could.” - Carly Jane

Here at Love’s Affect, handpicking our material is not only our favorite part of design process, but is believed to be the most important part! All of our materials are handpicked for their luster, color and size making each piece unique and one of a kind. We take pride in using only the highest quality precious and semi-precious gemstone beads, pendants and charms. In addition, all pieces are accented with 14k gold filled chain or 22k gold brushed components giving the jewelry a rich, high quality finish. Alongside the selection process, our team takes great pride in the construction of every single piece. Each necklace, bracelet or earring is hand strung and finished in-house by a member of our local community.

Last, but not least, Love's Affect is committed to making a positive impact in communities all across the world. In our efforts to help spread the love to those in need, 10% of all orders will be donated to a pre-selected charity or non-profit.

We are excited to announce that we are putting our efforts towards raising money for the BEADS for Education Project this 2018!

BEADS for Education provides technical business assistance, start-up capital, school scholarships and workshops for Maasai women and their daughters. BEADS  is fulfilling this mission and goes even further. It is giving the women and girls an opportunity to dramatically alter their lives--to determine their future and that of their families. How awesome to empower these women through their natural talents as beaders!

Visit www.beadsforeducation.org to learn more about this incredible project!